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Comment and Tweets on the True Detective Season 1 Finale…

(Comment at Crooked Timber, “Wonders of the Invisible World,” by Henry Farrell) Nicely done, though I think the critique of the ending is in its own way as too-neat as the ending itself, or simply recapitulates or re-extends the, of

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Economic and Special Warfare Are Also the Health of the State

The Roosevelt-Marshall welfare-warfare state and the global regime it fought and worked into existence remain intact but under pressure. They still depend on an ability to project beyond themselves, both economically as well as militarily, and both morally as well as practically.

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Mass Killing and State Concepts (Comment)

Examples of mass killing in addition to the Holocaust have such a long and varied history they become difficult to distinguish from history, and for the same reason cover every type of state or state concept, including the state concepts that arise within or are implicit in resistance to imposition of other state concepts.

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An American Conservative Declinism

[View the story “An American Conservative Declinism” on Storify] (Text version follows)

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If we choose to believe, along with the physicalists-materialists-naturalists that “the natural world” is in effect synonymous with “all existence,” then “supernatural” becomes another name for “non-existent,” while “non-existent” stands for “false” or “irrelevant.” The contradiction or apparent contradiction between

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Impervious to the Tweeting Cure (Storified Exchanges with an Obama critic)

[View the story “Impervious to the Tweeting Cure (So Far)” on Storify]

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I don’t much like the fact that at this time the blog front page is mostly taken up with Twitter Digest posts, but just don’t have the spare time and energy either to re-design the blog more extensively or to

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Relevanssi WP Search fixed; Twitter Digest Pointing to Larger Twitter API Questions

1. Relevanssi Search The latest update of Relevanssi, version 3.3.4, seems to have handled the problems mentioned in my “interim report” – so I am using it now on the blog, and searches will now include all comments as well

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