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“the belief that gay people are evil”

That bigots as well as the normally selfishly indifferent are grouped together on the other side of SSM has been a problem, perhaps the decisive concrete political problem, for the socially conservative position on marriage. It has meant that to support SSM and the larger gay rights agenda equates with rebuking “the bigots.” It also has provided the element of truth in the charges made against SSM opponents. The potential for a parallel syndrome to appear on the pro-SSM side has always been latent, and its political fortunes may be overdue for market correction.

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I have no blogginghead, and I must scream

…unless you happen to be the proud parent or yearning lover of one of the two individuals in closed dialogue, the video element of the presentation will cease being interesting within seconds, under a constant implication that even the smallest amount of the most primitive editing or camera movement would radically relieve the visual tedium and quite possibly enhance the content…

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