TTD vs TDT 2014.07.19

…should further hack Twitter Digest to make rendering of full conversations doable… should by that means or perhaps by Storify render group twitter discussion this AM (PST) on Israel and state/sovereignty following “When The Hell That Is War Loses Its Power” by Roger Berkowitz, “How Israel can avoid a hellish future” by Sari Nusseibeh, and “Reflections on an Unforgiving Day” by George Friedman…   should write up critique of Roko Basilisk Delusion and “Timeless Decision Theory” or at least record notes on the LessWrongers… should put down some notes on Peirce and Faith/Hope/Charity as pre-suppositional for all possibly logical inquiry… should go through post drafts and publish SOMETHING… should get back to JCH under climate change vs moderation… should go through unpublished twitter archives and produce a mini-post… should publish how-to #1 on blog monetization: adding simple donation box… if only to prepare way for further posts and adjustments of blog on Cent-Up, tinypass, Google Digital Wallet, and other “micropayment” alternatives and further work toward implementing whichever however… should fix mobile/small screen rendering of blog… should do laundry… should call Dad and set up visit… should write old client who’s been pestering me about wrapping up loose ends… should take further notes on Schmitt and/or expand discussion of McCarthy’s neo-imperialist conservative realism… should draft proposal or refine ideas for multi-author post-blog or paleo-blog or para-site… should take care of some Yoga Instructor Registry business… should finish this post despite having left some things out and being afraid of having actually to decide on something… should more closely map out week or so before have to focus on money-making intensively again… OK – the laundry option seems most realistic… eventually will get to it… by the way the introduction by Simon Van den Bergh to the Incoherence of the Incoherence offers a fascinating and impressive discussion of ancient and early modern philosophy with a focus on onto-theology or metaphysics as absorbed or  anticipated in the Al-Ghazali vs Ibn Rushd debate… It’s published with the current standard translation of the I of the I available for $3.99 via Kindle, but can also be found on-line for free… laundry looking really good now… tho if I keep this up I might make it to lunch esp since it’s been like half an hour since I checked my email or Twitter feed…

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  1. the most charitable thing that can be said of Friedman’s offering, is that intractable regional conflicts, are not unique to the Levant,

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