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Hell and Greater Israel (Blog Version)

Also to be found on Storify.

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TTD vs TDT 2014.07.19

…should further hack Twitter Digest to make rendering of full conversations doable… should by that means or perhaps by Storify render group twitter discussion this AM (PST) on Israel and state/sovereignty following “When The Hell That Is War Loses Its

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Making Tweet-Based WordPress Posts Easier: Hacking “Twitter Digest”

For now all I want is a tool for collecting tweets quickly and having them automatically placed in a draft post, in a form that I can easily manipulate.

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Israeli realism/realism about Israel

“If you expected me to burst into tears, Iā€™m sorry to disappoint you. I will not do that.”

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McCarthy’s unusually actually reasonably conservative conservative foreign policy

Tweets of 2014.07.16

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Assisted and Unassisted Living

Since my stepmother Eydie passed away earlier last month, after a long illness, I have been increasingly focused on my Dad’s situation. Today, I’ll be helping to move him into an assisted living facility. As I was just noting on

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