Genres of the Genocidal

Tahar (@laseptiemewilay): Civilians are not that innocent. Children are just collateral. Now genocide. It is unsurprisingly the same argument expressed differently.

  1. @RexBrynen wiped from the inter-ether, I mean the post, not the victims of genocide in reply to RexBrynen 09:08:15, 2014-08-01
  2. RT @DawnHFoster: Hmm, Times of Israel have pulled down that horrendous ‘When Genocide is Permissible’ article. Here it is: 09:12:22, 2014-08-01
  3. He does not seem to understand what the word genocide means to the world. Ironic . 09:17:49, 2014-08-01
  4. He treats “genocide” as synonymous with non-applicability of conventions of warfare in pursuit of the obliteration of an unjust enemy. 09:24:37, 2014-08-01
  5. The “genus” or “gens” of “genocide” in common usage equates with a people, culture, “race” – he defines his target ambiguously. 09:32:13, 2014-08-01
  6. Doubly ironic that genocidalism is the basis of his call for [a consideration of] genocide – for extermination of all those who seek genocide 09:34:32, 2014-08-01
  7. cached version of article h/t @bungdan 09:40:02, 2014-08-01
  8. RT @bungdan: I’m trying to wrap my head around a Jewish newspaper publishing such a thing even for a few hours. It is not the world I grew up in. 09:40:53, 2014-08-01
  9. what the editors recognized only late is that the first question is “in what ways is discussion of genocide possibly permissible for us?” 09:45:10, 2014-08-01
  10. RT @JFXM: As @EylonALevy points out, @TimesofIsrael doesn’t edit/approve pieces before publication. System needs change if people justifying genocide. 09:49:53, 2014-08-01
  11. RT @badnetworker: Real talk: genocidal language isn’t rare in Israeli society. Not widely condoned (or necessarily meant seriously), but not unusual either. 09:53:53, 2014-08-01
  12. To reply to “when genocide is permissible” with snark or politics is also to normalize what we claim to define as un-normalizable. 09:58:21, 2014-08-01
  13. Just in case you thought Benny Morris might have been mellowing: h/t @NuisanceValue 10:33:07, 2014-08-01
  14. #pt hard to believe, w/o new 9/11s, the West can be convinced of the necessity of his program – he either needs or seeks a true “crisis” 10:41:42, 2014-08-01
  15. .@KevinNR with the “Palestinian Arabs have no necessary national claim” logic always struggling toward the surface 10:55:38, 2014-08-01
  16. RT @Yair_Rosenberg: OMG, Twitter is going to totally flip out when it sees who I found calling for genocide on the internet: 10:58:18, 2014-08-01
  17. Exterminate all exterminators without exception now or sooner. 10:59:42, 2014-08-01
  18. A Times of Israel blogger responds , but limits the range of the “wakeup call” @absilbers 12:20:13, 2014-08-01
  19. Apology from Yochanan Gordon 14:07:08, 2014-08-01

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