The belief system as system does not require identification of its immediate object – identification of the particular other, identification of the particular group, or, vaulting concentrically to the super-political, in our era life-and-death determinatively, identification of the nation or nation-state or state-nation – as itself a or the final ideal, as true object of worship and devotion: Belief identifies the sacrificial community, at whatever level found finding, as intermediary, membrane, the cross not the crucified, existence prior to essence: extending life of embodied self beyond and before embodiment and therefore beyond and before time and other than extinguishable, at or in necessity instantaneously re-constructing the architecture of reasoning faith radially from least thought or thing to totality to infinity: transmortality: eternity actualized: thus the impotence of “body count” and “moral outrage” politics and all the more of any ledgering of credits and debits, every cost also benefit, every gain also a deficit: As system, not merely a politics, nor merely like religion, naturally counter-instinctual, always conditioning belief at all, even the tributary belief called disbelief, in communion with the religious as internalization of its essence, alone intimated to confer meaning at all or morality or moral objective at all or purpose at all: Its possibility and the possibility of sacrifice the same possibility, supreme in comparison even to fate, for and into, exactly and indispensably greater than, death: It stands on, summons, and receives the dead, the dying, the wrecked, and the condemned, and every soldier whose battle was for precisely nothing in particular after all. No one, least the rationalist, avoids this sanctifying indistinction of mere sanity and its opposite, mere madness, and of their twin privations nothingness and the all: It is experienced by any one oriented to or by any other as irresistibly benign because it stands for benignity or benignity stands for it, link by link to every each other group or collective and group of groups or collective of collectives from every given presence to the ego-continuous to the species-transtemporal to being-eternal.

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