Rod Spared. For Now.

Had just been thinking about castigating you – commenters, lurkers, and passers-by – for being lazy haters of children and ruthless exploiters of free range bloggers, when someone very generously availed him- or herself (he/she prefers anonymity) of one of the if I do say so myself very handsome donation thingies I recently added to the blog sidebars and “about” page.

I thank herhimit for ithimher’s support, and you should thank himher, too: Consider yourselves spared, in herhis honor – for now.

As for the thingies – or “widgets,” as one says – like everything else in these parts, the designs may evolve as I find time to evolve them. In this instance, the main imagery, in addition to evolving, is, as you may have noticed, revolving, for now between two custom-made graphics that are not quite ready for t-shirts, cups, negligees, signed and numbered shrouds, etc., but can be, so may be, whether or not they should be:


My main reason for creating the graphics had to do with my ongoing site monetization series. For now, I’m still avoiding ads, paywalls, pop-ups, and other punishments of my beautiful users, though I still have in mind, as I’ve mentioned before, some gentler measures involving some similar techniques.

In the meantime, I also think that Cent-Up is a worthy alternative, and something y’all should try at least to the point of exhausting your free introductory dollar of cents.

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