13 Tweets Instead of a Syria Strategy

  1. RT @rmslim: By far this is one of z best, if not z best analysis, of unfolding devepts in the Arab region penned by Yezid Sayigh http://t.co/zMW7oGUsKZ 09:52:10, 2014-08-29
  2. #prt among most interesting aspects the piece is brief alternative history asserted in 1st para on idea of US strike last year after Ghouta 09:59:59, 2014-08-29
  3. #pt it was the deep content of the Prez’s “conclusion” US “should” have struck Assad… he and we operate thoroughly in the “instead” of it 10:04:48, 2014-08-29
  4. #pt thus the difficulties of formulating “a strategy” re Syria: WE decided WE could not have one, foreclosed any attempt to implement one 10:09:20, 2014-08-29

  1. @hxhassan proper objective is separation of Assad and Alawite self-interest  11:09:06, 2014-08-23
  2. @liberalfish maybe question is determining level of responsible intervention required to turn Assad into clear worse choice for Alawites  16:03:34, 2014-08-25
  3. @liberalfish also I didnt specify intervention against Assad – tho is perhaps implicit, as in yr initial tweet  16:10:09, 2014-08-25
  4. @liberalfish this actually gets at true contradiction re Syria imo  16:14:05, 2014-08-25
  5. @liberalfish IS is intolerable – Assad regime also intolerable from one perspective, but objectively tolerated/recognized as actual “state”  16:18:42, 2014-08-25
  6. @liberalfish a “responsible intervention” would be an intervention substantial enough actually to replace Assad-state with better state  16:19:30, 2014-08-25
  7. @liberalfish but that level of intervention not contemplated, except perhaps by Hof AFAIK – so are left with “irresponsible” options  16:20:44, 2014-08-25
  8. [tweet by @abumuqawama]There’s a reason we don’t yet have an ISIS strategy, and that’s because most strategies are regional/country-specific. 2014-08-29
  9. in part because intl and domestic law, including what we claim to uphold, is “country-specific”  12:56:44, 2014-08-29
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