IS/ISIS/ISIL/QSIS/Daesh-related links 2014.8.20-9

my_timeline_like_for_weeks_now…plus a few observations as tweeted. I’m sure I missed a few good pieces (possibly while I was busy yesterday, for instance). Please feel free to link anything interesting or useful in the comments.

  1. RT @BlogsofWar: RT @DefenseOne: Gen. John Allen: Destroy the Islamic State Now | 19:18:52, 2014-08-20
  2. Hof’s proposal for Syria – relate to Allen’s re ISIS? RT @michaeldweiss @nadabakos @blakehounshell This: in reply to michaeldweiss 19:35:07, 2014-08-20
  3. [The Brian Fishman piece:] RT @PaulSzoldra: This is a really great analysis. “Don’t bullshit the American people about Iraq, Syria, and ISIL” 23:52:28, 2014-08-20
  4. RT @NoahCRothman: That ISIS guy who promised to raise Islamic flag over the White House? He’s dead 12:57:41, 2014-08-21
  5. RT @hxhassan: Dempsey says Isil will be defeated when it’s rejected by the Sunnis from Damascus to Baghdad. 13:01:25, 2014-08-21
  6. RT @hxhassan: Dempsey says he thinks Isil’s momentum has been disrupted. It was the momentum behind their successes. It’ll be contained & defeated 13:01:44, 2014-08-21
  7. RT @Joyce_Karam: Interesting times: #Hezbollah condemns #ISIS‘ beheading of US citizen James Foley. 19:33:17, 2014-08-21
  8. RT @javierespinosa2: Killing of #JamesFoley “contradicts sharia,angers Allah,Prophet & believers”,statement of jihadi Al-Tartusi & other syrian clerics #Syria 19:41:29, 2014-08-21
  9. RT @wk344407: Very interesting: “Why Islamic State has no sympathy for Hamas” – #ISIS #Iraq #Syria 22:19:16, 2014-08-21
  10. RT @csdickey: Obama Readies for War on ISIS via @elilake 22:34:07, 2014-08-21
  11. RT @abuliberali: A timely reminder by @BklynMiddleton that Assad is every bit as evil as ISIS & the enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend: 08:13:29, 2014-08-22
  12. RT @hxhassan: Read: The Re-Baathification of Iraq 09:57:41, 2014-08-22
  13. RT @wk344407: Must-read piece from @akhedery: “Assad’s genocidal regime – perhaps the single greatest root cause of #ISIS‘s rise” 10:10:55, 2014-08-22
  14. New: Rod Spared. For Now. #monetization_2 13:14:04, 2014-08-22
  15. RT @hxhassan: The ISIS Within by @haningdr 21:15:25, 2014-08-22
  16. RT @cmagill: If you’re having a bad day remember somewhere an NSA analyst is trying to write an algorithm that can detect ‘IS(IS)’ but not the word ‘is’ 12:55:49, 2014-08-23
  17. RT @csdickey: How a Real Air War Could Demolish ISIS via @thedailybeast 12:59:12, 2014-08-23
  18. RT @RekkaKroenen: (1/2) Elite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Smash the 13:04:40, 2014-08-23
  19. RT @RekkaKroenen: (2/2) Islamic State.”
    #Iraq #Syria 13:04:54, 2014-08-23
  20. #prt “Iraqi special forces unit called the Apostles” 13:08:49, 2014-08-23
  21. RT @ChemiShalev: US ‘set to launch air strikes’ on senior Isis terror chiefs in Syria 21:55:16, 2014-08-23
  22. RT @hxhassan: My latest for The Guardian (print) about responses to Isis and how a regional realignment is taking place 23:48:17, 2014-08-23
  23. Janet Daly: ISIS psychotic, not Islamic vs @tufailelif:
    Jihadism a problem within Islam 08:11:02, 2014-08-24
  24. RT @Joyce_Karam: Fred Hof: #Assad shares goal with #ISIS caliph, can not fight it. #Syria 09:21:45, 2014-08-25
  25. RT @ABC: US Special Ops. sources describe ISIS as an “incredible” fighting force: 12:39:35, 2014-08-25
  26. RT @vonFalkenhorst: Leftist army abolisher and right-wing keeper of neutrality call 4 support for christians fighting IS cc @20committee 14:50:25, 2014-08-25
  27. RT @Doranimated: .@MaxBoot makes sense about ISIS | 14:55:55, 2014-08-25
  28. RT @osint_org: Meet ‘QSIS’: A new twist in what to call the extremist group rampaging in Iraq and Syria 09:07:10, 2014-08-26
  29. RT @DenisonBe: Great @monkeycageblog post by @Prof_BearB on why American diplomacy appears to be failing 19:48:05, 2014-08-26
  30. RT @zaidbenjamin: #Qatar | Qradawai: The declaration of Caliphate is meaningless. Today’s caliphate is a federal or confederal between the muslim countries. 21:51:52, 2014-08-26
  31. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Theory and Practice of Jihad h/t (kinda indirectly) to @aelkus 23:56:05, 2014-08-26
  32. Goldilocks vs Baghdadi: Why would the U.S. want to be ISIS’s ‘Far Enemy’?@selectedwisdom 09:28:18, 2014-08-27
  33. RT @brianfishman: Good piece on ISIL military strength by @mikeknightsiraq in @ctcwp Sentinel: 10:36:16, 2014-08-27
  34. “Douglas MacArthur McCain” 12:36:50, 2014-08-27
  35. RT @oomarGCC: Attacking the Islamic State IS attacking Assad very insightful piece by @Ibishblog via @_Wamik 23:35:14, 2014-08-27
  36. RT @DavidLauter: U.S. public opinion shifting on American role, notably more support for active involvement new @pewresearch finds, 12:36:45, 2014-08-28
  37. RT @abuliberali: Fantastic report on the Iran-backed Shi’a militias that are the real military of the rump Shi’a Iraqi state: 14:03:48, 2014-08-28
  38. RT @hopisen: New motto: Speak softly but ask regional actors to agree on the possible future use of an appropriately sized stick. 14:05:43, 2014-08-28
  39. RT @haaretzcom: Israel-Gaza war was only a distraction from real Mideast agenda: Threat of Islamic State 23:00:13, 2014-08-28
  41. #pt that said… RT @londil Let’s Keep ISIS in Perspective « in reply to londil 00:32:17, 2014-08-29
  42. RT @hxhassan: Islamist gains in Syria alarm some Assad allies via @reuters 09:11:13, 2014-08-29
  43. RT @rmslim: By far this is one of z best, if not z best analysis, of unfolding devepts in the Arab region penned by Yezid Sayigh 09:52:10, 2014-08-29

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