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Empire of Straw

I won’t attempt to characterize the diverse – or one might say combined and uneven – motivations of Kaplan’s critics, but I doubt that their approach does as much to advance the discussion, or the potential of any interesting and useful discussion at all, as his does, or as it might in some other intellectual world under a different ideological regime.

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Child of Mog; Extraordinary Comments

1. Discussion continues at OT on the momentous question of replacing the Mystery Person. Though, dismayingly, the OGs are as so often caught up with matters of lesser import – as though anyone’s opinions at the blog on a so-called

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Death to the Mystery Man! Long Live MOG? (Custom Default Avatar)

We all, or all of us worth knowing on a question such as this one, know the Mystery Man, the pseudo-guy who looks like a reverse polarity keyhole, and who/which is the default avatar for wet-behind-the-ears WordPress sites – only

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Should We Retire the Mystery Man?

The figure is traditionally taken to be a “he”: Maybe it’s because he seems to be bald. Whatever the explanation, and despite WP’s decision to rename him the “Mystery Person,” relying on him or zir or it may still qualify as sexist. Plus he happens to be… white.

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They also blog who only sit and comment… (Commentariat 2)

Principal coding work on a suite of “commentariat” functions is complete. The result consists of three interconnected pages, of which one, “State of the Discussion” (SoD), is available from a main menu link, while the other two, “Comments This Thread”

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…and every otherer othered

Excerpted comments from OG Maribou in blockquotes – with my excerpted replies following:

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The thought of the thought in itself offensive to thought is the thought in itself offensive to thought.

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Sundown on Mars

Sundown on Mars


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Realizing the Commentariat

Rough drafts for a “Commentariat” Suite

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Further on the 3rd position on SSM and Procreative Concept

I still intend a more systematic treatment on the issues raised by the SSM phenomenon – by which I do not mean “new reasons to attack SSM” – but for the moment I’ll just re-produce another comment at OT, this

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