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Ordinary Preliminaries to a Deconstruction of Strategic Counter-Revolution Etc.

When blog conversation (or “reading the comments”) works well, I think: The discussion under a very short (“Off the Cuff”) post (written on the occasion of some stray Twitter traffic and unrelated technical or “back-end” work) may have produced the

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U.S. Grant, Artistic Genius…

“Grant arrived at his operational vision through perceptual speed and a ‘gift of historic imagination,’ that enabled him to ‘take in at a glance the whole field of war, to form a correct opinion of every suggested and possible…campaign, their logical order and sequence, their relative value, and the interdependence of one upon the other.'”

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Confederates in Love

“Chris” notes that Civil War monuments are much more common in the South than the North. Throughout much of the South, it is impossible to escape The War. It may be objected at this point, by those of you who

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Realizing The Commentariat: Phase 2

Submitted for your consideration and feedback: “State of the Discussion,” “Comments This Thread,” “Commenter Archives.” Also: Old-Yellering “Gifts of Gab.”

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Patronize ‘Em: WordPress Draft Post Docket with Subscription and Donation Options

Core functions completed and ready for testing, bells, whistles, and plug-innability, and code presentation still to come: A notification-enabled “Coming Soon” or “Works in Progress” or “Docket” feature. In fact, this very post will provide for initial on-line testing of the full cycle – presentation, subscription, confirmation, co-messaging, subscription cancellation, notification, removal of used subscription data.

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