Spoiling you some more

Demonstrating some additional spoileration that writers (and in-the-know commenters) can use. The above we’ll call “inline spoiling.” To implement it, highlight the text to be spoiled, and click the first of the three pseudo-redacter buttons, top of the toolbar, far right.. As you know, the hidden text can easily be revealed by highlighting the spoiled block (though we’re going to add a feature to make revealing it even easier). pseudo_redacter_buttonsInline spoiling can be used to spoil large blocks of text, but (because it’s a “span” formatting, FYI), it doesn’t work to spoilate large, multi-paragraph etc blocks of text. You could still inline-spoil an entire long post, working paragraph by paragraph, but, if you’re feeling lazy about that, or just like a cleaner look, you can instead use the Multi-Block Spoiler. [redact-blocks color=purple] You add it using the second spoiler button. Again, you highlight all of the text you want to hide/redact, and click the button, but this time you get to select the color. You can just leave it “black” (the default), but you can choose any named color you want off the list of CSS named colors, and you can also use “hexadecimal” code. This time instead of blacking out the selected text, you’ll see “WordPress Shortcode tags” appearing at the beginning and ending of the blocks you’ve highlighted. Note that to remove the redaction, if you change your mind, you’ll want to delete both the beginning and ending tags. If you leave the latter, it won’t hurt anything, but it’ll set you up for confusion later. If you change your mind about the color, you can just go ahead and edit the shortcode. Deleting “color=purple” would go back to the default (black). Changing it to “color=white” would create a whiteout. Changing it to “color=honeydew” or “color=#F0FFF0” would create a honeydewout. [/redact-blocks]


How it looks in an editing screen

Last, as a convenience for readers, and maybe you, too, we can insert a “Reveal All” button. For a reader, clicking the Reveal All button, will remove ALL spoilation, including in comments… …though not permanently: Just until the next page load or reload – which can be initiated by clicking “Revert (which’ll turn up after you click Reveal All, courtesy of bubbling Javascript). I’m inserting the button right here: [reveal-all-button] Click the button a couple times, observe the effect on pseudo-redacted test, and you’ll see how it works. All you need to do to insert such a button in your post – at the top, in the middle, at the very bottom, as many times as you like – is, when you’re editing your post, click the third of the new redacter buttons. It inserts the shortcode: The graphic representation of the button appears only from the “front side.” inserting_reveal_allYou can also, if you like typing, just type out the shortcode. Finally – here’s the part about in-the-know commenters: You can add the shortcodes in a comment. They’ll work at OT for as long as we have shortcodes enabled in comments (not the default), but I don’t see a great need to add them to the comment-box “editing toolbar,” since I think it’ll be pretty rare, plus you don’t want to spoil people.

Commenter Ignore Button by CK's Plug-Ins

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