Testing Ajaxified Comments – Experiment Halted

The purpose of this post is simply to test Ajaxified comments and see if it produces any unexpected behavior and, which’d be fab, happens to make Vikram’s and Nevermoor’s lives just a little bit nicer by letting them comment without losing new since last visit formatting. I think it should oughta do that. Am “broadcasting” this to “Off the Cuff” at the main site, but comments should not (if I have everything figgered right) be entering into the OT circulatory system. UPDATE: Don’t think it’ll help on the NSLV thing, but still might be a change worth making, and might be adaptable. Also need to update comment-counting on main site to show proper number when posts broadcasted. UPDATE: AM DISABLING AJAXED COMMENTS FOR NOW, but may try again later after examining (possibly extensive) requrements beyond the simply “plug-in.” Will now look a little further into improving “since last visit” along VB/nevermoor’s preferred lines.

Commenter Ignore Button by CK's Plug-Ins

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