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For Those Not Divinely Inspired to Produce Perfect Prose Every Time or: How to Use the WordPress Revisions Tool

These instructions will be irrelevant to any of you who are taking, or who believe you are taking, dictation straight from an Angel of the Hidden One.

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Ordinary Times Is Currently A Left “Liberaltarian,” Mainly Cultural Site

Whether Ordinary Times is or should be a conservative political site in some serviceable sense of the term “conservative,” or for that matter in useful senses of the term “political,” might be an interesting question, but, before we go looking for an answer, we will need to clarify terms, and clear away some rhetorical and ideological brush.

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The Stealth Self-Menace (Taking a side is the promise to ‘do it’)

In that article about the internet, which is not a place, being a terrible place, Tod Kelly rightly criticizes Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo for the latter’s provision of, my words, a brutally imbecilic rant by a TPM commenter

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The internet is not a place – so not a terrible place

The internet is not a place. ((Or: the internet is specifically not any place specifically.)) So it cannot be a terrible place. To whatever extent it can be thought a place, it would be a place terrible at being a

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