How to Do Backlinking Footnotes

To create a linking footnote ((…via the old standard (2009) plug-in WP-Footnotes, by Simon Elvery.)): At the point in the post where you want the number-link to appear, 1) type a space, then 2) type opening double parentheses, then 3) type the text you wish to appear in the footnote, then 4) type closing double parentheses, so: ((Text)). That’s it. The numbering, superscripted formatting, and placment of the text at the end of the post in a list is handled automagically. Here’s how the it looks in the Visual editing panel for a published post at Ordinary Times (boldface added):

…can plausibly be applied, need to take his warning to heart ((Judt, Tony. “Captive Minds,” Chapter 20 in The Memory Chalet. New York: The Penguin Press, 2010, p.179)):

Producing the effect that you will observe if you go to the first paragraph in the post, and click on the superscript that should jump you to the (back-linking) “Notes” section at the end of the post. Like this: Footnoted. ((This is a footnote.)) The code will handle long, complicated footnotes relatively well, but the more complicated the footnoted text, the more likely you’ll run into unexpected results and have to play around to get the look you want.

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