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Star Wars VII and the Ultra-Real

The cinematic rather than merely narrative objective of Star Wars VII is to persuade by being overwhelmingly Star Wars VII.

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Case Closed: On Quotation Marks and Hyperlinks

Case closed: Quotation marks should be made part of the hyperlink.

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Use Spell-Check, Save Lives

Do not be a danger to self and others: Check your spelling.

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Still Doing It (the Animated American Way of War)

…highly prescient, from the vantage point of 1943, regarding the American reliance on technological solutions to political and military challenges.

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Only the Right Believes in Class Conflict Anymore

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may still keep alive the embers of Old Left workerism, and the latter is still barely detectable in traditional Democratic Party rhetoric and residual connections to organized labor, but in American politics today class conflict as the engine of history seems now to be a concept mainly of the Right.

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