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Tod Kelly, Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times, was kind enough to put up a “thanks” post for my contributions at that site over the last several months. I particularly appreciate the following observation, and, on behalf of every designer-developer who has ever worked on a contract, recommend it to all bloggers, writers, creative artists, and others who have been winging it design-wise for free or on-the-very-cheap/out-of-the-box with their sites: “I don’t think we really knew just how much we needed a CK until we had one of our very own.”

I started making changes at OT around a year ago, though it wasn’t until the Summer that I was given the OK to “just do it,” and then make adjustments based on feedback. I still preferred to work with caution, however: I have always been aware of OT’s loyal and voluble commentariat, most of whose members were happy enough with the site before I swooped in on them and started experimenting. Feedback from OT users was essential to getting right whatever I did manage to get right.

OT Today

OT Today

There were additional alterations I had planned to make when I decided I had to step down and back, but I’ll leave that subject to some other time. I still need to wrap up, document, and refine what I implemented at OT, and apply both the work itself and what I learned from doing it to new WordPress themes, plug-ins, and add-ons. I’ll also be returning my attention to long-delayed development and design work at this site, to working with new clients on their sites, and to writing.

I learned a lot WordPressing at OT, and wish the best to everyone over there – a group that as a matter of fact still includes me, if in a much-reduced role. So, you’re welcome, Tod and all, and right backatcha.

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  1. I really liked the developments over there. Not much of a blogger myself, but that edit feature helps a great deal. Thanks again, and write often.

  2. Your work at OT was very good, but this comment is mainly testing the email/comment thing. I re-entered my email just in case my eyes are worse than I think.

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