Enabling WordPress Press This for HostGator Sites


Using Press This

In order to enable WordPress Press This for “shared hosting” accounts at HostGator, you will need to have “mod_security rule 1234234” whitelisted. Initial testing confirms that Press This functions as intended once this rule is lifted.

This fix supersedes the one that worked under prior configurations of HostGator’s security rules and referred to security rule 211120, as identified by WordPress Core developers. (There is also no need to apply older workarounds involving alteration of the Press This bookmarklet code.)

Press This is an excellent tool that in various forms and incarnations has been part of WordPress Core since WordPress 2.6 (2008), when it replaced Press It. The purpose of this note isn’t, however, to sing the praises of Press This, or to show how I’ve used or modified it, but just to note the solution of a problem for bloggers who want to use Press This on their “shared hosting” accounts at HostGator and possibly at other aggressively security-conscious web hosts.

To my understanding, the purpose of rule 1234234, as of rule 211120, is to make a certain type of malicious URL injection more difficult, but HostGator seems to be one of the few, and possibly the only, known hosts to apply either by default. It is possible, however, that rule 1234234 is applied for some other reason entirely, and, if and when I receive a better explanation, I’ll update this post or convert it into a real one on the topic.

Fingers crossed.

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