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Critchley and Webster: Hegel on Hamlet – spiked

‘But death lay from the beginning in the background of Hamlet’s mind. The sands of time do not content him. In his melancholy and weakness, his worry, his disgust at all the affairs of life, we sense from the start

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Prince’s Life of Faith – The Stream

A 2008 interview Prince gave to The New Yorker suggests this “clean, simple approach” left the singer a relatively strict social conservative who held the Bible as authoritative. “So here’s how it is: you’ve got the Republicans, and basically they want

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Jay Cost: Republican Party Down – The Weekly Standard

In sum, the Republican party is in a very bad way. Bereft of good organization—nationally, in many states, and in Congress—it is struggling to field and support principled, electable candidates for office and cannot hold them accountable to those principles

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Emily Crockett: Why Congress’s investigation into Planned Parenthood has scientists terrified – Vox

The letter to the committee from StemExpress also said some of the last-minute “exhibits” were unverifiable, out of context, possibly doctored screenshots of their website. One screenshot makes it look like StemExpress was advertising fetal tissue as “profitable,” they said,

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Nate Silver: It’s Trump’s Nomination To Lose* – FiveThirtyEight

[T]he Republican race has not only defied “momentum” but often contradicted it. Whenever Trump seemed to be on a glide path to the nomination (such as after Super Tuesday or March 15), he’s had a setback. When he’s seemed to

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JE Dyer: Trump soars; die is cast for a GOP crack-up… – Liberty Unyielding

Trump may be a plurality candidate, overall, not a majority candidate, but there is no question that he’s the front-runner. The nominating rules allow picking someone else, but they don’t mandate picking someone else.  If the party picks someone else,

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To o-b or not to o-b (output-buffering in WordPress) – UPDATED

My general impression is that, unless I have a very good reason for using it – probably involving the kind of script in which I’m not generally interested at this time – I should avoid it.

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Or Maybe “Demopathy”

The testimony of the experts has actually already been given. They identified this problem as a matter of theory, and correctly suggested that it could be solved in practice, if never securely. That remainder or gap is the same one that appears in the “discursive” problem that Dan describes, and that we are currently observing as a conflict bordering on crisis within and of the presidential nomination process primarily in the Republican Party, but increasingly enveloping the Democratic Party and perceptions of its legitimacy and therefore of the entire two-party political system as we know it.

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Mollie Hemingway: 11 Takeaways From Hearing On Baby Parts Trafficking – The Federalist

5) Aborted Baby Parts Are Valuable One of the most interesting things about the revelation that abortion clinics sell fetal body parts is that the unborn child is not considered a valuable human when it comes to ending her life

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On Ignorocracy (Own Comment at Ordinary Times)

We seem to have – or our polity or pseudo-polity in this period appears to be constituted as – an ignorocracy: rule by an ignorant majority ignorantly insisting on its own peculiarly ignorant concept, resulting in a system among whose defining characteristics is the imperviousness to criticism of the ignorocrats’ own self-serving but mostly sincere self-concept.

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