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Odierno on Iraq – Fox News

While the general, who commanded all U.S. forces from 2008 to 2010, said he supports a unified country, he added the U.S. government needs to consider whether Iraq has already been divided into three sectors by the sectarian violence —

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Richard Fontaine: It’s Time to Start Talking About American Exceptionalism Again – War on the Rocks

Revitalizing American exceptionalism begins with the unique role the United States plays in shaping and upholding international order. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has led allies and partners in maintaining a global order aimed

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Never-before-seen galaxy spotted orbiting the Milky Way – New Scientist

About four dozen known galaxies orbit our own. The largest in terms of breadth is the Sagittarius dwarf, discovered in 1994 – but it’s big only because our galaxy’s gravity is ripping it apart. The next two largest are the

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Philip Klein: Conservatives engage in wishful thinking on channeling Trumpism – Washington Examiner

Michael Needham of Heritage Action has argued that a conservative populism – one that attacks the way the federal government works for the well-connected – could appeal to Trump voters. But Trump ran in Iowa as a supporter of ethanol

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Donald Trump’s insincere process arguments – Washington Examiner

The presidential nomination process is the weakest part of our political system and, not coincidentally, the only one not addressed by the Framers of the Constitution.None of the successive reforms made since 1968 has produced a perfect system, and in

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Heckling Baby Hitler (Notes on a Twitter Discussion)

Would-be proponents of a liberal society would cease being liberals at all at the moment they ceased their opposition to “shutting down” discussion, and to the precise extent they did so.

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Plug-In Away… and the Iron Law of Irony

Seems fitting and probably should have been predictable – for a believer in the Iron Law of Irony – that an application meant to facilitate blogging, in this case by making aggregation of interesting material an easy “few clicks” operation, would annihilate my blogging. Anyway, is what happened.

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Sean Trende: The Real Reason Trump Can’t Break the GOP – RealClearPolitics

…[P]robably the greatest example of party durability is seen by the Democrats, who, in 1866, found themselves on the wrong side of the Civil War.  That is, as we dryly noted when I practiced law, a bad fact. The party

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Shadi Hamid: Everyone says the Libya intervention was a failure. They’re wrong. – Vox

Critics erroneously compare Libya today to any number of false ideals, but this is not the correct way to evaluate the success or failure of the intervention. To do that, we should compare Libya today to what Libya would have

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EJ Dionne: This time it really is the end of Trump. Really. – The Washington Post

You could look at the week as an aberration that Trump, the magician, will somehow surmount. In fact, these episodes tumbling one upon the other ratify what Trump skeptics said all along: that he is utterly unprepared to be a

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