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Scientists weigh in against the NFL’s war on physics and Tom Brady – Quartz

“We provide this analysis to explain what the ‘science’ used by the league is not,” they write in their brief. “It most assuredly is not scientific proof that the Patriots’ footballs lost pressure beyond the drop caused naturally by the

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Benjamin Wittes: Trump and the Powers of the American Presidency (Part I) – Lawfare

The presidency’s very virtues as an office—relative unity and vertical integration—make it impossible to render abuse-proof. It is vested with a truly awesome thing:”the executive power” of the entire federal government. There are simply too many ways to abuse that power

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The Year of the Political Troll – The New Yorker

“It’s frightening to discover that he’s so normal. He has female co-workers who enjoy his company. He has a real, live girlfriend who loves him. They have no idea that he used to go online and traumatize women for fun.”

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Nathan Heller: The Big Uneasy – The New Yorker

Wasn’t free self-expression the whole point of social progressivism? Wasn’t liberal academe a way for ideas, good and bad, to be subjected to enlightened reason? Generations of professors and students imagined the university to be a temple for productive challenge

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Aqil Shah: Drone blowback in Pakistan is a myth. Here’s why. – The Washington Post

To assess local perceptions of drone strikes, I conducted 147 semi-structured interviews with adult (18 years or older) residents of North Waziristan in the summer and winter of 2015. Access to the respondents was made possible by the Pakistani military’s

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Michael Warren: Progressivism’s Macroaggressions – WSJ

How did liberals become so hopelessly illiberal? In “The Closing of the Liberal Mind,” Kim R. Holmes suggests that “the loss of historical memory as to what liberalism was is actually a key to understanding what it is today.” Mr.

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Ian W. Toll: The atomic bomb was not the only way – NY Daily News

In a diary entry on July 25, 1945, Truman wrote that he had asked his secretary of war “to use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the target and not women and children… “The target will

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David Marcus: How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism – The Federalist

Treating people equally has given way to making all of us ambassadors for our race. This is a classic theme in critical race theory, that people of color carry a burden of representation that white people do not. But foisting

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WR Mead: The Meaning of Mr. Trump – The American Interest

The interest groups and power centers that surround Secretary Clinton like a praetorian guard—Wall Street, the upper middle class feminists, the African American establishment, the Davoisie, the institutional power of the great foundations and educational bureaucracies, Silicon Valley, Hollywood—have defeated

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Patrick Porter: Never Alone: Let’s Retire the Word “Isolationism” – War on the Rocks

In the race for the presidency, critics brand as “isolationist” Donald Trump’s curious foreign policy offering of protection rackets, forced wall-financing, debt defaulting, and murderous bombardment… Expanding America’s bombardment of the Islamic State to the families of terrorists is not

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