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World War Zero brought down mystery civilisation of ‘sea people’ – New Scientist

We know from Hittite texts that the Luwian kingdoms sometimes formed coalitions powerful enough to attack the Hittite empire. Zangger thinks that 3200 years ago the Luwians did just that and destroyed the Hittite Empire (see map, above). Shortly after

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An Update From the Astronomers Who Proposed the Alien Megastructures – The Atlantic

On the side of natural explanations, if a recent cataclysmic event in the system created a large cloud of dust responsible for the dimming events Kepler saw, then it’s possible a heat signature will show up at some point in

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Peter Wehner: Why the Ryan/Trump Thaw Will Fail – Commentary

I believe a rapprochement with Trump is likely to fail for several reasons. The first is because Trump is far too erratic, too unprincipled, and too indifferent to philosophy to stay tied to the conservative dock, assuming Ryan can move

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Scott Galupo: Trump’s Bankrupt GOP – The American Conservative

I would scarcely doubt evidence showing that the Trump campaign was a controlled experiment in what makes GOP voters tick. The remnants of the Tea Party, the biblically literate Evangelicals, the remaining adherents to the old Reagan coalition: They went

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Ross Douthat: The Party Surrenders – The New York Times

So to catalog my wrongness: I overestimated the real commitment of both factions’ leaders to their stated principles and favored policies. (Even though I didn’t agree with many of those policies myself, I assumed from the party’s longstanding resistance to

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Donald Trump: Jeb Bush Is “Not A Man Of Honor” For Refusing To Back Me – BuzzFeed News

Trump — who himself rescinded previous pledges to support the eventual Republican nominee —slammed Bush for backing away from the pledge. “Jeb Bush dishonored his pledge, I mean he dishonored his pledge,” Trump said on the Mike Gallagher Show. “He

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Jacksonian Neo-Isolationism 2

Put more simply: The failure of the neocon project led to, as a practical matter seemed to require, the replacement of neo-imperialism with xenophobia in Republican conservative rhetoric. To those capable of setting aside their judgments of the American approach to

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the biggest best most unbelievable beautiful stink bomb ever

They are not putting a man forward to take over the office of the presidency. They are throwing a human stink-bomb at it – the biggest best most unbelievable beautiful stink bomb ever at whatever might plausibly qualify a president for support in the eyes of Jonathan Chait.

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Conservative Neo-Imperialism vs Jacksonian Neo-Isolationism

As for Trumpism vs. Bushism, one will be no less dependent on “populist nationalism” than the other, to whatever extent it is also successful: In a mass electoralist national system under popular sovereignty, the winner will always be the truest national populist, by definition, if not necessarily the purest national populist according to some external or merely intellectual standard.

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