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Devoted and Selfless Consecration

The sacred essence of the American state is not a common topic of discussion, but the state or nation or country itself, or we ourselves, on behalf of itself or on behalf of ourselves, deems or deem it the proper topic in relation to the final questions.

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Jay Cost: Who Speaks for the Party? – The Weekly Standard

What happens in an election where one side is led by a nominee who cannot make an argument on behalf of his party? The answer is: Nobody really knows. Until now, the major parties have nominated candidates who could communicate

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John Harris: Whoever the leader is, Labour may never recover from this crisis – The Guardian

The truth, unpalatable to some but which is surely obvious, is that Labour is in the midst of a longstanding and possibly terminal malaise, and now finds itself facing two equally unviable options. On one side is the current leader

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Getting Right with Image Rights: Workflow and Major Minor Upgrade

I discovered many non-rights-cleared images that I now think may have detracted from the posts in some ways, even if they initially seemed to make them more attractive or striking.

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James Fallows: A Note About Trumpism, From the Real America – The Atlantic

Every single person we’ve met here — Anglo and Latino, African and Burmese and other, old and young, native-born and immigrant, male and female, well-educated and barely literate, working three jobs and retired and still in school—of all these people,

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Timothy Garton Ash: As a lifelong English European, this is the biggest defeat of my political life – The Guardian

This nostalgic optimism is the siren call of the Brexiteers: we were once great on our own, so we can be again. It’s a complete non-sequitur of course (“Carthage was once great, so it can be again”), but mighty seductive.

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Christopher Caldwell: Britain Exits, Democracy Lives, And Everything Has Changed – The Weekly Standard

Everything is being revalued. Political institutions, too. Economic issues, fear, immigration—these all caught Britons’ attention and rallied them to the polls. But at its core this was a battle over definitions of democracy and freedom. This may have been Britain’s

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Jennifer Rubin: Clinton has Trump’s number – The Washington Post

…[T]he ad is must-watch YouTube for each and every Republican National Committee delegate. One does not need to be a policy wonk or of one particular faction in the GOP. Trump is of such low character, such an embarrassment to

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Frederic C. Hof: A Humanitarian Intervention in the West Wing – Foreign Policy

There are, to be sure, risks associated with changing course and protecting civilians — at least some of them — from mass homicide. These risks cannot be swept under the carpet. Yet neither can the risks associated with leaving 100

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