Chris Cillizza: Paul Ryan had the Worst Week in Washington – The Washington Post

Within 24 hours of his Trump endorsement, Ryan was reminded of why he had taken so long to get behind his party’s presumptive nominee. Following Trump’s insistence that the judge in a lawsuit involving Trump University was biased against him because of his proposal to build a wall along the southern border, Ryan quickly condemned those remarks.

“It’s reasoning I don’t relate to,” Ryan said during an interview with a local radio station. “I completely disagree with the thinking behind that.”

For Ryan, it was a preview of his next five months: Trying like hell to build out a positive GOP message while being forever side-tracked by the whirlwind that is Trump. Five months of having to answer for — or apologize for — every controversial comment out of the mouth of a man who represents the opposite of everything Ryan believes about the GOP and its future.

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