Jennifer Rubin: Time for panic or for #NeverTrump – The Washington Post

After shaking the sleep from their eyes and mulling over the bleak future of their party, Corker and Graham’s fellow Republicans would be wise to take several steps. First, they should explain why as Americans, as conservatives and as Republicans they have concluded Trump is unfit to serve and incapable of improvement. Second, they should demand that the convention delegates be entitled to vote their conscience on the first ballot, and/or demand Trump’s tax returns. Third, they should make clear an independent center-right candidate who is qualified and has a competent operation would be a savior — either as an alternate, independent candidate or a substitute at the convention for Trump.

Do I think this is likely? No, not if one looks at their cringeworthy acquiescence to Trump so far. Do I think it’s possible? Yes, but it will take someone of stature — the speaker, for example — to break from the herd. If not, Republicans, please proceed to panic. The election and possibly your party is going up in smoke. And you have only yourselves to blame.

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