Luke Thompson: The Charge of the Cruz Brigade – Soapbox

Rocky stood there in ’64 having every obscenity known to man screamed at him by angry delegates — and not just from the sagebrush Au-H-2-O true believers. Teeth gnash, feet stomp, and spit rains down from the rafters. The rank and file delegates and attendees stood there, watched a man defy their nominee and gore the party they love, saw him in his naked political hypocrisy, and heaped the wrath of the jilted upon him. And four years later, they went mad for Nixon, who jettisoned his rock-ribbed past for Nelson’s accommodation of the Great Society. Rockefeller threw his presidential ambitious on a pyre fueled largely by his own vanity, but it gave birth to a phoenix.

Ted Cruz is Nelson Rockefeller. Rocky has his Bullwinkle.

Like Rockefeller in ’64, Cruz probably has blown up his chances in 2020, but in detonating them, he’s set an alternative path…

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