Hisham Melhem: The Republic of fear and loathing – Al Arabiya English

Trump and his lieutenants repeatedly savaged his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and all but declared her as the Devil incarnate. Wild chants of “lock her up” or “Hillary for prison” were the background chorus to many speeches. In fact, Ben Carson, former candidate for the presidency that Trump dispatched to early retirement accused Clinton of cavorting with Lucifer.” Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model someone who acknowledges Lucifer?” Mr. Carson asked. “Think about that”.

The sinister demonization of Hillary Clinton during the Republican convention, has made criticizing her more difficult than before. Clinton is a deeply flawed politician whose relation with the truth is problematic and who suffers from a big deficit of trust, gives her critics ample ammunition to criticize her without resort to demonization. Clinton’s willingness to play by her own rules, as was clear in the way she deceptively handled her reckless use of a private server for her own emails outside the purview of the State Department is breathtakingly arrogant, but the way the Republicans smeared her make a legitimate critique of her behavior as secretary of state less effective during the incessant drumbeat to politically lynch her.

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