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Stephen F. Hayes: Donald Trump Is Crazy, and So Is the GOP for Embracing Him – The Weekly Standard

The Republican nominee for president made comments Friday that one might expect from a patient in a mental institution, the kind of stuff you might read on blog with really small print and pictures of UFOs. And yet his remarks

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Neanderthals built mystery underground circles 175,000 years ago – New Scientist

What we do know is that the structures were built in dark, challenging conditions and the builders had no natural light to help them. Indeed, Jaubert’s team found traces of fire at several points around and on the structures. The

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Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy – The Washington Post

The Republican Party has moved the lunatic fringe onto center stage, with discourse that renders impossible the kind of substantive debate upon which any civil democracy depends. Most responsible Republican leaders know all this to be true; that is why

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Dan Scotto: From the Journal of Reince Priebus… – Ordinary Times

The reality here is straightforward. I’ve said this to officials a million times, and I’ll say it again. If we back him and he loses, no harm no foul, and we’ll get back to normal and win big in 2018

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Peter Suderman: Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Was a Terrifying Display –

  The hour and fifteen minute long speech was a tour de force of grandiose narcissism, a petulant demand to be placed in the most powerful office in the most powerful nation in the world. Thanks to the Republican party, which

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Luke Thompson: The Charge of the Cruz Brigade – Soapbox

Rocky stood there in ’64 having every obscenity known to man screamed at him by angry delegates — and not just from the sagebrush Au-H-2-O true believers. Teeth gnash, feet stomp, and spit rains down from the rafters. The rank and file

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Damon Linker: Ted Cruz knifed Donald Trump and launched his 2020 campaign – The Week

Trump 2.0 needs to be an ideologically and temperamentally disciplined reboot of the original — a sleeker and smarter version that taps into the valid concerns of Trump voters without flattering quite so many of their prejudices. It will actively

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Brian Beutler: Why Trump’s Convention Is the Worst Show on Earth – New Republic

…[T]he convention itself has, relatively speaking, been an operational calamity. Organizing a four-day political convention featuring dozens of speeches, big crowds, live television broadcasts, and a high demand for effective pageantry is a huge, complex undertaking. Just nailing down logistics and

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James Antle III: The biggest battle ‘Never Trump’ won – Washington Examiner

If they ran, there was a very real possibility they’d get an embarrassingly small percentage of the vote (think Pat Buchanan as the Reform Party nominee in 2000). Alternatively, they could do better, be blamed for electing Clinton and then

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A Debate Over The Physics Of Time – Quanta Magazine

Another approach that aims to reconcile the apparent passage of time with the block universe goes by the name of causal set theory. First developed in the 1980s as an approach to quantum gravity by the physicist Rafael Sorkin —

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