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Yascha Mounk: Trumpism: A New Era in World Politics? – Project Syndicate

In my view, the choices facing us in the next decades may be far starker than the optimists admit. There are three reasons why attempts to shore up living standards are unlikely to stem the populist threat: the right policies

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jQuery-Filling an Input Box in WordPress Admin

…on how I think a textbox should be filled in WordPress Admin… from simple anchor links… and when the content – in this instance long image links – is too long to be nicely contained… plus some little tricks and things I never noticed or noticed I’d noticed before…

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Comparative Page Loads with and without Image Errors

This benefit of WP-RUBI is additional to the one of avoiding “the $8,000 mistake” of using unlicensed images, but for some sites will be much more important. 

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Google Deletes Dennis Cooper’s Blog, Erasing Years of Artistic Output – 

Cooper is not certain whether Google merely disabled the blog or completely erased it. The latter would mean he has lost years of artistic output that included writings, research, and photographs, as well as a platform through which he engaged

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queenofthinair: Moral Equality of Combatants and the Legacy of Unjust Causes

Can these combatants, fighting in good faith but for a cause we judge to be unjust but relatively within the requirements of jus in bello, be honored? And in what ways? In short, I think they can and should be,

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James Kirchick: How Jared Kushner, the Scion of One Tri-State Crime Family, Married Into Another – Tablet Magazine

Whatever Kushner needs to do to comfort himself over his enabling this pox on the American body politic—whose political ascent is the single worst thing to happen to the United States since Sept. 11—he will do. He’s been training for

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Mark Joseph Stern: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Risked Her Legacy to Insult Trump – Slate

There is really very little to debate about the ethics of Ginsburg’s comments. They were plainly a violation, the kind of partisan partiality that judicial ethics codes strive to prevent. But Ginsburg, who is a quietly canny judicial and political

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The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule – Quartz

In the same file, there’s also code that appears to instruct an astronaut to “crank the silly thing around.” CAF CODE500 # ASTRONAUT: PLEASE CRANK THE TC BANKCALL # SILLY THING AROUND CADR GOPERF1 TCF GOTOP00H # TERMINATE TCF P63SPOT3

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Federica Saini Fasanotti: A confederal model for Libya – Brookings Institution

The long-advocated national-level solution of political unity does not, in fact, seem possible. Instead, a confederation of the three regions built on the original disposition of tribes and natural borders could probably assure a deeper stability. Regional governments could better

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Hayder al-Khoei: Iraq was destined for chaos with or without Britain’s intervention – The Guardian

There is a lot of anger about the postwar descent into chaos, but much of that anger in Iraq is being directed towards the corrupt Iraqi political class who killed our dreams and aspirations, not the clueless, sometimes well-intentioned, foreign

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