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New Earth-Like Exoplanet Could Be Discovery of the Century – Gizmodo

In what’s being hailed as one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the century, scientists with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) today confirmed the discovery of an Earth-like exoplanet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri—our nearest neighboring star. Details

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Caleb A Scharf: Proxima Centauri Just Became Our Gateway to the Cosmos – Scientific American Blog Network

Personally I think that this could (and should) mark a turning point in our cosmic outlook. Shifting our view of the universe won’t happen overnight, and taking action on that new perspective may take even longer. But it’s got to

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Can Starshot Work? – Scientific American Blog Network

…[W]hat is clear is that Starshot will bring a set of fresh ideas and invigorating challenges to the scientific community. Even if the full mission to Alpha Centauri remains a goal for a distant future, I’d place money on the possibility of

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Scrap It 2

A salvage of residual value might still be possible, and a rescue or turnaround remains conceivable even now, but I would not be surprised if by this time next year there is no “Ordinary Times.”

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Richard Yeselson: The all-American Donald Trump: why Trump’s rise could only happen here – Vox

Ethno-nationalist or not, European rightist parties accept the central tenets of the mixed economy. By contrast, following the juridical collapse of the white supremacist “solid South” of the Democratic Party and the dramatic cultural and economic changes forged by the

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David Frum: Is It 1968? – Commentary

We of the center-right have learned something alarming about the susceptibility to extremism, not only of American democracy in general, but of our political coalition in particular. We’ve learned something painful about the dwindling relevance of the conservative doctrines of

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Scrap It and Start Over

A failure presents a limited range of options: scrap, salvage, or repair. Though it feels like we’ve done this before, let’s try “repair” one more time. Why? The site makes no sense as an enterprise – decreasingly as any kind

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Brian Beutler: Liberals Have the Wrong Fears About Hillary’s #NeverTrump Outreach – New Republic

The danger of being too solicitous of conservatives is that it’ll bump progressives out of the opposite end of a huge, unwieldy coalition. That’s why I argued recently that the right thing for Clinton to offer her new surrogates in

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Greg Sargent: Trump is entirely delusional about why he’s losing. His new campaign shakeup proves it. – The Washington Post

This appears to confirm, as I have argued, that Trump remains trapped in the mental universe he inhabited during the primaries. That was a place where the size of his crowds at rallies actually did portend victories over less colorful

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Timothy Shenk: The dark history of Donald Trump’s rightwing revolt – The Guardian

Of all the forces unleashed by the rise of Trump, the one that may pose the greatest threat to the relevance of the conservative intellectual establishment is the gleefully offensive movement known as the alt-right. Nurtured by online forums such

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