Rogers and Shetler-Jones: After Brexit, a Bold Britain… – War on the Rocks

Brexit has given the United Kingdom a once-in-a-generation opportunity to sweep out the dead wood – clear away the policies that no longer serve a purpose in the contemporary context – and replace them with something more fit for the present age. The time is ripe for a cathartic purge of institutional weaknesses. Nobody should be under any illusion: ”making a success of it” will require a national intellectual project to facilitate a thorough strategic reorientation of Britain.

Strategy is the art of harnessing capabilities for the realization of some form of political vision. Assuming the British people want to retain and even improve their high standard of living and remain open to the world, there can be only one future available to them: a “bold,” “positive,” “outward-looking,” and “expansive” – to use May’s words – future for the United Kingdom.

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