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Can’t Buy Me Memes – Cyborgology

  Without any evidence beyond what the Nimble America representatives claimed, the assertion that they somehow bankroll the alt right meme machine and control a subreddit picked up steam quickly, not unlike Clinton’s flawed Pepe explainer. An hour spent scrolling

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Martin Longman: Too Big to Compromise – Washington Monthly

[This group] is a very, very awkward size. It seems to be somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of the electorate, which is big enough that it feels like a majority but small enough that it isn’t actually a majority.

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Zack Beauchamp: A conservative intellectual explains why the GOP has fallen to Donald Trump – Vox

One of my many concerns about Trump is that he makes it difficult, because he is so dramatic and so crass, to defend the occasional insights he presents. One of them was his formulation of “a country is a country,”

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On a Tweet-Drizzle on Trump’s Honest Dishonesty

We cannot say that this firstly and even only emotionally authentic form of conservatism is not a conservatism at all.

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Alexandra Petri: Ted Cruz and his conscience amicably part ways – The Washington Post

“Just about a month to go,” his conscience said, whistling. “I’m excited that you’re going to vote for the candidate I pick. You can’t vote for Trump. You said if people voted for him, ‘this country could well plunge into

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Jonathan Chait: How the Republican War on Obamacare Explains Trump – New York Magazine

The party’s refusal to cooperate with Obama on any major issue, and its dogmatic insistence that Obamacare must be destroyed, is a sign of its intellectual rot. The GOP’s refusal to support the principle of universal health insurance makes it

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Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious – Aeon Ideas

Copernicus proposed that certain oddities observed in the movements of planets through the constellations were due to the fact that Earth itself was moving. Stars show no such oddities, so Copernicus had to theorise that, rather than being just beyond

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Dan Drezner: Nate Silver says I should be nervous about the election. Here’s why I’m not too nervous. – The Washington Post

My model of this election is that Trump has a rigid core of supporters but also a hard ceiling on that support. Clinton has more voter support but also more “soft” support. These are voters who become easily disaffected when she

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A Cosmic Crash May Have Made the Moon – Nautilus

A second solution proposes that the moon-forming impact was much more energetic than previously thought, generating a huge cloud of vaporized rock more than 500 times larger than Earth. According to this theory, the vaporized rock was a mixture of

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Jedediah Purdy: Red-State Blues – New Republic

…[R]ealities people cannot see directly—global capital flows, changing manufacturing technologies, geopolitical earthquakes, and the tectonics of inequality in wealth and income—are violently shifting the landscapes where their “deep stories” and everyday efforts play out. The factory job that gave Vance’s

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