Benjamin Wittes: A Coalition of All Democratic Forces, Part I… – Lawfare

For the United States, national security necessarily means more than just prevailing over rivals and preventing violence against the country and its allies. It means survival as a thriving democratic political culture.

Right now, at least in my view, no foreign actor threatens that survival even a tenth as much as does the public fracturing we are currently experiencing domestically. No damage ISIS threatens worries me as much as does the flirtation of large swaths of our population with a frankly undemocratic movement that organizes itself as a cult of personality and trades openly in lies and delegitimizations of our institutions and elections and almost as openly in racism, xenophobia, and threats of violence.

There has always been a fundamentally cross-ideological approach to protecting the country’s national security. Bringing about a coalition of all democratic forces is just the application of our approach to foreign threats to our domestic national emergency.

Photo by US Mission Geneva

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