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David Auerbach: How Trump Loses – Facebook

Trump would not be where he is today if he didn’t have a well-developed exit process. However thin his ego, how infantile his behavior, there appears to be something in him that switches off at a certain point to allow

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Matthew Continetti: Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual – Free Beacon

The triumph of populism has left conservatism marooned, confused, uncertain, depressed, anxious, searching for a tradition, for a program, for viability. We might have to return to the beginning to understand where we have ended up. We might have to

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Charles Cook: Donald Trump Leaves a Car Wreck Behind – National Journal

No mat­ter who wins, the odds of a re­ces­sion over the next four years are pretty good, something ob­vi­ously bad for the coun­try but giv­ing Re­pub­lic­ans an op­por­tun­ity to bounce back—but only if they right a party ap­par­at­us that is

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Will Wilkinson: What If We Can’t Make Government Smaller? – Niskanen Center

Folks on the right need to consider the possibility that we’ve been wrong to see demand for government as the sort of dependent variable that can be manipulated through education or propaganda or political organizing or too-clever-by-half fiscal policy gymnastics

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I alone have solved (the question of 2016)

The more seriously we take Trump, the less seriously we find ourselves having to take Trump, and the less seriously we take Trump, the more seriously we have to take him.

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Mike Konczal: Would Progressive Economics Win Over Trump’s White Working Class Voters? – Medium

…[A]ny sufficiently important left project going forward is going to involve at least four things: a more redistributive state, a more aggressive state intervention in the economy, a weakening of the centrality of waged labor, and a broadening, service-based form

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Max Boot: What the Hell Happened to My Republican Party? – Foreign Policy

As someone who has been laboring in my own small way to advance conservative principles since the 1980s (I have written for all of the major conservative publications and served as a foreign-policy advisor to the McCain, Romney, and Rubio

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Shadi Hamid: Is a Better World Possible without U.S. Military Force? – The Atlantic

If the United States announced tomorrow morning that it would no longer use its military for anything but to defend the borders of the homeland, many would instinctively cheer, perhaps not quite realizing what this would mean in practice. But

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Re: @dscotto10’s GOPocalypse, Part 2: The Upstart – Ordinary Times

Rubio’s neoconservatism referenced bygone and imagined new eras of dominance, but Rubio’s campaign and relative to Trump and Christie Rubio himself expressed, embodied, and seemed even to undergo, or perhaps to re-enact, its emasculation.

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Benjamin Wittes: A Coalition of All Democratic Forces, Part I… – Lawfare

For the United States, national security necessarily means more than just prevailing over rivals and preventing violence against the country and its allies. It means survival as a thriving democratic political culture. Right now, at least in my view, no

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