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Sam Tanenhaus: Rise of the Reactionary – The New Yorker

One of the strangest developments in the 2016 election has been the spectacle of West Coast Straussians who champion Trump—and lustily denounce his critics—in various forums, including the Claremont Review of Books, a well-written quarterly edited by Charles Kesler, and

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What NASA plans to do if an astronaut dies in space – 3tags

Since the body would need to be isolated within 24 hours to avoid contamination, it would be immediately placed into a GoreTex bag that would be inflated into a type of sarcophagus. Funeral rites would be performed very quickly, in

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Noah Shachtman: “…campaign takeover ad on Breitbart…” – Twitter

.@realDonaldTrump going YOLO, officially. Check out the campaign takeover ad on Breitbart… From: Noah Shachtman on Twitter:″

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Marc Lynch: What’s Really At Stake in the Syria Debate – War on the Rocks

For many U.S. politicians and pundits, forceful action in virtually any arena is its own reward. In Syria specifically, many interventionists have argued that the United States needs to be more deeply involved in the war because this will give

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Russell Moore: If Donald Trump has done anything, he has snuffed out the Religious Right – The Washington Post

These evangelical leaders have said that, for the sake of the “lesser of two evils,” one should stand with someone who not only characterizes sexual decadence and misogyny, brokers in cruelty and nativism, and displays a crazed public and private

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Japan’s HD photos of the Moon are the coolest thing you’ll see today – Ars Technica

The Japanese space agency, JAXA, has previously released some of these photos into the public domain. But now the agency has released the entire dataset, including more than 450 images, the Planetary Society has reported. The newly available images include

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In the Dark about Dark Matter – Scientific American

The decaying theoretical underpinnings for simple WIMP models, paired with the growing list of empty-handed detection efforts, have led Feng and many others to propose that WIMPs are part of a more complicated picture: a hidden realm of the universe

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Daniel McCarthy: Why I joined the list of intellectuals for Trump – The Spectator

If President Trump does keep out of wars like the one the last Republican president started in Iraq, if he limits immigration and helps restore the US labour force to prosperity, he will have done what no other Republican or

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Weird orange crocodiles found gorging on bats in Gabon’s caves – New Scientist

As the team headed further into the caves, they made an unexpected discovery: in the deeper recesses, the older, dark-coloured males had become paler, turning a bright orange. Were they losing unnecessary pigment in a similar way to other cave-dwelling

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Andrew Gelman: Krugman wonders how the race could be close. Political science wonders how it could be otherwise. – The Washington Post

When I did my best attempt to fit the Hibbs model, which predicts incumbent-party vote share using change in per-capita income growth, I got a forecast of 52 percent of the two-party vote for the Democratic nominee. Other forecasts give slightly different

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