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Brian Beutler: Donald Trump Will Have His Revenge on Republicans – New Republic

Not only did Trump leave an indelible mark on their party, he co-opted its base, which is now primarily loyal to him, not to the GOP as an institution. He also has an immense social media following and writes his

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Willock and Hitchcock: How the Golden State Became the Intellectual Capital of Trump’s GOP – The American Interest

In the northern half of the state, there’s Victor Davis Hanson, the celebrated Hoover Institution classicist who has favorably described Trump as a “D-11 bulldozer blade” against a bankrupt Acela establishment, and Ron Unz, an idiosyncratic Bay Area political activist and

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Paul Waldman: When 2016 is over, the GOP will pretend Donald Trump never existed – The Washington Post

…[J]ust about all Republicans will share an incentive to follow the same path: pretend that Trump and Trumpism never happened, or that it was no different from what we’ve seen in any other election. That goes for Republican voters too.

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