Paula Dwyer: Why Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton – Chicago Tribune

[H]alf the country now worries, and the other half hopes, that Trump will make good on his threat. More likely, he’ll contract the job out to House Republicans salivating over the prospect of televised hearings, starting with Clinton raising her right hand, then taking the Fifth over and over again.

So should President Barack Obama pardon her, pre-empting the GOP’s plans for four years of show trials?

Rudolph Giuliani, mentioned as a possible attorney general, has already warned Obama off a pardon, while revealing to Fox News his firm belief that Obama and Clinton “have completely corrupted the Justice Department and the State Department” and predicting her inevitable indictment.

To assess the wisdom, legality and politics of a pardon, this is where to begin: The incoming administration already has its mind made up that she committed crimes and should be prosecuted. Given that, Obama shouldn’t hesitate to pardon her — even if she says she doesn’t want him to.

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