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Postscript to future historians from Xmas 2016 (OAG #8)

We would be compelled to conclude that something must have been (and very likely remains) profoundly wrong with a political culture or political media – of which Matthew Yglesias and Vox are, of course, typical parts – that could be dominated by an issue to be judged intrinsically trivial, and dominated to the point of determining eventual collective decisions of undoubted significance.

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Trump Is Preparing for His Administration As if He Won in a Landslide – The Atlantic

Based on assessments of his transition, Trump’s initial approval among Democrats probably won’t reach much into double-digits—and he could also begin with less-than-majority approval from Independents, a first in Gallup surveys. And as the latest Allstate/Atlantic Media Heartland Monitor Poll

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Issie Lapowsky: Don’t Let Trump’s Win Fool You: America’s Getting More Liberal – WIRED

“We’re seeing a kind of primal scream of, ‘No, our society cannot change in exactly the ways it has been changing,’” says Nell Irvin Painter, a historian at Princeton University and author of the book The History of White People.

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Dan Drezner: The Trump administration wants to negotiate big deals with other countries… – The Washington Post

There might be a deal to be made with China, though it will be a tricky one. With his half-assed Taiwan gambit, however, Trump has managed to show up President Xi Jinping and perhaps convince the Chinese president that the concessions he

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David E Sanger: Obama Confronts Complexity of Using a Mighty Cyberarsenal Against Russia – The New York Times

[T]here are proposals to cut off leaders in Mr. Putin’s inner circle from their hidden bank accounts in Europe and Asia. There is an option to use sanctions under a year-old executive order to ban international travel for senior officials

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Commenter Ignore Button 0.99

Now in “Late Beta” – and, for a limited time, I’ll offer free styling, installation, and configuration to anyone who wants to try it out!

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Si Vis Bellum, Part 3: Always Again

If members of the present younger generation in particular seem unable to articulate or comprehend the basis of a still operative policy consensus, they can hardly be faulted if their elders, even those running for the highest office in the land, can no longer do so either. We seem to be preparing and in effect demanding – perhaps cannot help but to require – a repetition, or at least a reinforcement, of the very old lesson.

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California Gets Ready To Defy Trump’s Washington – NPR

With Donald Trump set to become president next month and Republicans in control of both chambers of Congress, California’s Democrats believe their state should take the lead in opposing the new administration’s priorities. And they have no interest in calls

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Trump, Russia, and the CIA, Allies and Adversaries Confused – The Cipher Brief

Gustav Gressel, a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), told The Cipher Brief that NATO allies do not feel good about Trump’s lack of confidence in America’s intelligence services. But he also said the problem

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Britain Agrees to License “Three-Parent” Baby Approach – Scientific American

The technique involves intervening in the fertilization process to remove mitochondria, which act as tiny energy-generating batteries inside cells, and which, if faulty, can cause fatal heart problems, liver failure, brain disorders, blindness and muscular dystrophy. “Mitochondrial donation offers a

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