@MBGlenn: ‘Stand Up Republic’ is exactly that, to the chagrin of Erick Erickson… – The Collision Blog

Erickson is so busy thrusting his arm down into the sewer of this Presidency, in hopes of finding a quarter, that he can’t even see the big picture anymore. The cornerstone of “Never Trump” was the knowledge that the dangerous ideals of an egomaniac, one with a heart that beats to the rhythm of authoritarianism, overshadows any minor positives – this is still the case.

Political commentators on both sides of the aisle love tribalism more than anyone else, and they tend to thrive in a world where two sides are constantly at war with one another. The vast majority, including Erickson, have granted little grace – if any – to the leaders of the opposing party. In Erickson’s intellectually dishonest claim that “Donald Trump has also been a leader of sound judgment with his executive orders,” he exposes himself as just another player who wants to be back on the team more than he wants to be an umpire.

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