The Operation American Greatness Gallery (In Progress)

The unveiling today of some rather extraordinary magazine covers seems occasion enough to justify presentation of the OAG Gallery as it happens to stand at the moment. Since, during the course of normal business at this site, the images appear only in thumbnail size, as randomly selected from a set of images, it occurred to me that I should somewhere display them un-cropped, full-size, and with whatever information I happen to possess about them.

Suggestions for additional images are welcome! (Just paste the urls, if you have them, in a comment box.) The only criterion for inclusion in the gallery consists of “happened to strike CK as striking, or objectively were striking enough to him for him to bother to grab them.” Most appeared without attribution in my Twitter feed, but, where artist information is available, I’ve provided it. The selection does not include very many photographs, mostly because the best ones are owned by the photographers or their syndicates, and this site respects the creative rights of artists.

“America First” by Edel Rodriguez – Der Spiegel

America First by Edel Rodriguez

“Liberty’s Flameout” by John W. Tomac – The New Yorker

"Liberty's Flameout" by John W. Tomac

The Operation American Greatness Gallery (In Progress):


Regarding “Operation American Greatness”: The Posts collected as “OAG – The Series” are all original posts written by the blogger, and now include this post. The posts collected in “Operation American Greatness” the archive will be comprised of a larger number of items including OAG – The Series, but largely taken up by “Noted and Quoted” pieces, including “The Russian Angle” and any other sub-categories to come.

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