Better Twitter Embeds 2: Stripping the Convo for the Sake of the Convo

A few months ago, I noted a technique for stripping Twitter embeds of extraneous conversation, involving setting the tweet attribute “data-conversation” to “none.” What I provided was more hack than add-on, and required a somewhat laborious process of copying the page source and search and replacing it.

So, this morning, frustrated by yet another Twitter convo that couldn’t be carried forward effectively on Twitter, and that anyway deserved to be preserved for the eternal archives, I decided to automate the process.

It works.

Later I’ll get to

  1. some additional custom styling,
  2. adding support for the “status” format to my theme so I can use it instead of “link,”
  3. getting rid of redundant javascript calls, and
  4. some other bells and whistles

…on the way to a plug-in or distributable custom function, but I think it’s already pretty neat and usable as is, if I do say so myself, and I do, on the way further to another objective recently discussed on Twitter, and a good candidate for another post of this general type: On the “Tweet Storm” as rickety bridge between old-fashioned blogging and unsatisfying social media.

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