Nested Comments Unbound 1.0 Now Available from the WordPress Repo

First envisioned years ago, since that time implemented in various ways via some custom functions and hackage, I’m proud to announce the uploading of Nested Comments Unbound to the WordPress Plug-In Repo. Fingers crossed that it goes well, that I didn’t make some ridiculous mistake or fall victim to some glaring oversight, and that the first reviewers are kind!

From the Plug-In Description:

Nested Comments Unbound enables unlimited “max-depth” and unlimited direct replies in nested (aka “threaded”) comments, and also allows for formatting the results for readability and sustained discussion.

Commenters at busy sites often encounter the problem of comment threads that become unwieldy, either because a single column format makes tracking or joining a complex conversation virtually impossible, or because, after reaching the extreme far side of a nested thread, comments revert to a single-column format, with reply-links disappearing. Properly configured, NCU will eliminate these two obstacles to discussion – preserving reply-links for all comments, and allowing for virtually unlimited depth. Through the addition of a set of CSS classes, NCU also provides the potential for unique, more readable or convenient custom formatting of nested conversations.

Here’s a simple demo:

Nested Comments Unbound Simple Demo

Here’s an example of more advanced styling, similar to what’s been in use at Ordinary Times for well over a year by now:

Nested Comments Unbound – Advanced Styling Demo

Nested Comments Unbound is part of a growing list of WordPress commenting enhancements – the Commentariat Suite – by the same developer. The plug-in is in-use at this site, and you can try it out below if you’re of a mind to see a simple implementation (as soon as we’ve salted it with some starter comments)… Or you can go to OT. Additional documentation as well as the (free, of course) download are hosted here as well.

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