Eric Levitz: The Case for Countering Trumpism With ‘Left-Wing Economics’ – New York

Maybe America’s racial history makes it uniquely hostile to redistributive fiscal policy. But the Republican Party’s brand of economic conservatism is also uniquely extreme, unpopular, and ill-equipped to meet the demands of our second Gilded Age — as the current fight over Obamacare repeal has amply illustrated. Put simply: The constituency for regressive tax cuts, reduced entitlement benefits, and Wall Street deregulation is vanishingly small.

Given the GOP’s vulnerability on these issues, it seems reasonable to believe that left-wing economic populism — broadly defined — is at least part of the solution to the problem of right-wing nationalism. To be sure, such a populism is no surefire antidote to the growth of white reactionary politics in a rapidly diversifying nation that was founded on white supremacy. But nothing is.

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  1. The mere idea, let alone observable reality apparently, that one has to explain to people that an Old Money oligarch whose spent the last several decades slapping his name on everything & living in a gold encrusted tower does not care about the working class… I’m slackjawed at this.

    America gets an F in Basic Class Consciousness 101.

    • He cares, or cared, about people getting the impression he cared about whether people had the impression he cared about their caring, and that’s about as close to authentically caring as they’ve mostly gotten.

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