Isenstadt and Vogel: Paranoia seizes Trump’s White House – POLITICO

Some rank-and-file White House aides, meanwhile, have become convinced that intelligence agents may be monitoring their phone calls, emails, and text messages. Those fears intensified last week when WikiLeaks released a trove of CIA documents outlining how the agency can break into phones and computers.

In an interview, one White House aide described the elaborate steps he was taking to shield himself. Once he gets home in the evening, he turns off his work phone and stores it in a drawer because, he said, he believes it could be used to listen to him even when it’s off. If he makes a call during off-hours, he uses a separate, personal phone in an adjoining room, where the stowed work device wouldn’t be able to pick up his voice as clearly.

By CK MacLeod

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  1. I’m struggling to understand who “rank and file White House aides” could refer to. It’s pretty rarified real estate – is there “rank and file” anything there? Which gets to my real question – whoever they are, how can they get away with turning off their work phones ever? I mean that’s kinda the point of such phones – 24/7 availability.

    1. Idunno – but there are a fairly large number of people working at the WH. Not all of them are on 24/7 call, fate of the world hinging on their answering immediately.

      1. Sure, so why do they have “work Phones” they take home? Even if they don’t have fate of the world responsibilities, who they work for does, and if I’m that person and I call up Bob R&F’s work phone for a point of info, I want an answer right then.

        A minor point at best….

        BTW what happened to my avatar?

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