BIG: New KB24 Commercial

…why we still kind of like commercials… and basketball… and Kobe… pretty much no matter what.

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In case you missed the Prez’s speech today, or just would like a little more, here’s a sing-along musical version (content warning)

Remember him, remember his song, remembers his tire iron, remember his enchanting thong.

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We let her out of our sight II

It is, of course, a crucifixion.

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We let her out of our sight

It’s just a movie poster, for a movie I don’t recall anyone ever having had much to say about, but the image always stuck in my mind, and today it seems especially sad and expressive. The concept of the movie

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Maybe the drumming phrog’ll forgive me for Die Antwoord?

synaesthetic drumming

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it defny freeky sez it like me a lot

h/t Nerdcore

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Not Quite Right Between the Eyes

Put the video after the jump, because someone picked a “splash” image that’s a little too memento mori for me to hit the wayward visitor with it right between the eyes.  (Am I wrongfully denying you a shock to which

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Speaking as a male-bodied “person”

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Happy Birthday T-Monk…

Some music to listen to as you admire the new additions to our image archives…

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