David Wallace-Wells: When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans? – New York

[C]limate scientists have a strange kind of faith: We will find a way to forestall radical warming, they say, because we must. It is not easy to know how much to be reassured by that bleak certainty, and how much

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Ecology, Economics, and Spirituality

The problem of ecologism can be conceived as a kind of spirituality because it hinges on the self. The Grand Mandate of Ecology is this: Attempts to change the natural world to one’s liking are ultimately counterproductive, and the prescription is to recognize that the self is dependent on an Earth-economy that is too complex to be willed into submission. It’s hard for me to not see strains of Christianity in this (or Buddhism or Islam, but I’m compelled to stick with what I’m most familiar), and indeed many Christian primitivists equate industrialization with original sin.

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New contributor: Robert A Greer

Robert Greer has agreed to contribute posts here on the subject of ecologism and its alternatives.

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Occupy Nothing

Ecologism comes as close to dialectical materialism as positive or bourgeois science can while still remaining positive science, somewhat in the same manner as cognitive science and physics approach each other at their limits, but on the level of lived history. Nature itself, including human nature, the working world itself, turns out always to have already filled the revolutionary opening that we workers of the world have never quite managed to occupy. The Earth is the true proletarian.

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