Marriage of Equality and Inequality

Let by Gods be by Gods

(Or was I wrong to call Sam Wilkinson’s suggestion about, in short, owning bigotry “ludicrous”? Have we reached and passed the point (again?) on bigotry where a critical mass of people now view the charge as a “badge of honor”?

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Latest, possibly last comment for now on remaining questions regarding the recently accepted marriage proposal and blanket charges of bigotry against skeptics

I intend the following post to be my last for now on the Same Sex Marriage debate, as I have other business to attend to – including the delightful prospect of setting up a “Subversion” suite (sorry, it’s a web

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Additional on Sowing the Wind: Polygamy and Incest as ‘Next Steps’

I’ll be posting another, earlier comment of my own from the aforementioned OT thread, dealing specifically with the polygamy question as raised, a bit breathtakingly, by an apparently entirely (insistently) in earnest commenter speaking up for an end to the

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On Sowing the Wind on Behalf of the Same Sex Marriage Movement

My unamended comment at Ordinary Times, under a post with the perfectly ironic title “Bigots Come Out Of the Closet”: As for me, what more can I do but offer an open ear to their explanations. Someone who italicizes, boldfaces,

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Further on the 3rd position on SSM and Procreative Concept

I still intend a more systematic treatment on the issues raised by the SSM phenomenon – by which I do not mean “new reasons to attack SSM” – but for the moment I’ll just re-produce another comment at OT, this

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Procreative Concept and the Insult to Gays; My Father’s Gifts; Roger’s OK

Been very busy at OT lately, having entrapped myself by starting to fix, develop, re-design the site on the fly. Whole new vistas of massively unpaid labor are opening before me, though maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to monetize

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Logically Congenital Defect

A discussion at the Practical Ethics blog happens to provide a typical example of an inquiry that treats the re-discovery of its own presumptions under different terms as validation, this time under the heading of sexual morality. The defect in

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“the belief that gay people are evil”

That bigots as well as the normally selfishly indifferent are grouped together on the other side of SSM has been a problem, perhaps the decisive concrete political problem, for the socially conservative position on marriage. It has meant that to support SSM and the larger gay rights agenda equates with rebuking “the bigots.” It also has provided the element of truth in the charges made against SSM opponents. The potential for a parallel syndrome to appear on the pro-SSM side has always been latent, and its political fortunes may be overdue for market correction.

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His Husband, Her Wife

If a word as spoken does not contain the entire history of its usages, neither does it offer any defense against them

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The Marriage of Equality and Inequality – 3: Brave New Worlds

The civilization-level question may point toward a technologically enabled defeat of organic kinship or, alternatively, its resurgence amidst the collapse of the Western or liberal-progressive model, but it may take a very long time for such a deep-going process – a matter of “generations” in more ways than one – to work itself out. At our moment, marriage equality remains a peculiar twilight phenomenon, part revision, part eclipse.

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State of the Discussion

+ My pleasure.Agree about the song, though I think the "haunting" aspect mostly comes from the historical context, as I discussed way back when, also [. . .]
"Wiegala," by Ilse Weber
+ Thank you. I know I have "orphan pages" on my website many broken links and even the "blog" of my mother's letters home to [. . .]
"Wiegala," by Ilse Weber
+ This post (almost ten years old!) was from a discontinued blog, but it turns out I still had the MP3 file in the archives. So [. . .]
"Wiegala," by Ilse Weber

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[E]ven Fox didn’t tout Bartiromo’s big scoops on Trump’s legislative agenda, because 10 months into the Trump presidency, nobody is so foolish as to believe that him saying, “We’re doing a big infrastructure bill,” means that the Trump administration is, in fact, doing a big infrastructure bill. The president just mouths off at turns ignorantly and dishonestly, and nobody pays much attention to it unless he says something unusually inflammatory.On some level, it’s a little bit funny. On another level, Puerto Rico is still languishing in the dark without power (and in many cases without safe drinking water) with no end in sight. Trump is less popular at this point in his administration than any previous president despite a generally benign economic climate, and shows no sign of changing course. Perhaps it will all work out for the best, and someday we’ll look back and chuckle about the time when we had a president who didn’t know anything about anything that was happening and could never be counted on to make coherent, factual statements on any subject. But traditionally, we haven’t elected presidents like that — for what have always seemed like pretty good reasons — and the risks of compounding disaster are still very much out there.

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So, does Mitchell make any money on the work, which has been shared so many times? He uploaded a high-res image of the symbol and granted permission for anyone to use it personally for free. But for those who want to support his work or simply want something readymade, you can also buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and journals emblazoned with the symbol through Threadless.“I really just want to spread the image as much as possible and cement it in history,” Mitchell says. “In all honesty, the amount I’ve made from my Threadless shop so far is still less than my hourly rate, so I don’t really see it as a big deal. If you look at my Twitter, half the replies are people wanting to know where they can buy a shirt. Threadless is happy to help them out with that, and so I’m happy to let that happen.”Now that the symbol has flooded our streets and our timelines, Mitchell just has one request: “Impeach this idiot already,” he says.

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This is a Waterloo moment for Trump, the tea party and their alliance. They have been stopped in their tracks not only by Democratic opposition but because of a mutiny within their own ranks. Although never particularly liked or respected, it is now clear that they are no longer feared. The bankruptcy of their ideas and their incompetence have been exposed. Their momentum has been dissipated. Their rejection of political norms has itself been scorned. Our long national nightmare may finally be coming to an end.

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