“Donald Trump has provided ample justification for any of us to extricate ourselves from that commitment, which was entered upon as a matter of honor between individuals devoted not just to the name of the Republican Party, but to its principles. At this point, however, the question is no longer relevant. After all I have said, and have still to say, about Mr.Trump, what meaning could my ‘support’ for him as eventual nominee possibly have?”

“Re-upping” and slightly polishing the content of a little tweet-sprinkle from yesterday, since the question keeps on being put forward, as if by rote. Condenses earlier discussion (in “Yes, Tragically: The Pledge to Support Even Trump” and “The Party Deconstructs“). Here’s today’s predicate:

  1. @laseptiemewilay the discussion reveals that principal parties have only vague, often contradictory definitions of “state” @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:45:29, 2014-07-16
  2. @laseptiemewilay combined with weak understandings of “sovereignty” and its relationship to “state” @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:46:20, 2014-07-16
  3. @laseptiemewilay I think Israeli resistance to so-called two-state solution is much more fundamental @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:52:33, 2014-07-16
  4. @laseptiemewilay may have been easier to suppress recognition of “facts on the ground” in various ways, at different times @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:56:34, 2014-07-16
  5. @laseptiemewilay but both sides have continually re-discovered their respective state concepts to be mutually exclusive @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:57:17, 2014-07-16
  1. “Liberal democracy depends on empire, but there are strict limits to what empire can achieve” @ToryAnarchist‘s essay deserves a careful read 10:19:07, 2014-07-17
  2. #pt Schmitt (of ’36!)1 v Hegel-Kojève-Fukuyama, Strauss hovering benignly, neo-cons, isolationists, leftists shunted aside.. @toryanarchist 10:39:20, 2014-07-17
  3. realize I didn’t link @toryanarchist‘s essay earlier discussed: http://t.co/fOw9wy7sx6 11:39:19, 2014-07-17


  1. actually ’38, in The Leviathan in the State Theory of Thomas Hobbes – a book taken by Schmittians to mark failure of Schmitt’s Nazi project and retreat from practical politics. []