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Adding a Tip Jar To Your Site – The Basics

The easiest and most common way to begin making, or at least seeking, monetary returns on a blog or other site is to add a “tip jar” or donation link. This tutorial will consist of multiple posts, initially focused on beginners.

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Making Tweet-Based WordPress Posts Easier: Hacking “Twitter Digest”

For now all I want is a tool for collecting tweets quickly and having them automatically placed in a draft post, in a form that I can easily manipulate.

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Site Monetization (Introduction)

The point for me will be as much to develop greater expertise – as well as methods, tools, research, and so on – that would be transferable to other virtual locales, for instance for writers who are more popular or well-established than I am, and who desire greater independence and security than they currently enjoy, but who do not possess requisite coding abilities and design experience.

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one cheer for TNR’s re-re-design

TNR has addressed the image treatment/article heading problems we earlier this year filed under “discounted countenance” and “face of the faceless.” I never attempted to capture all aspects of that prior design or re-design or pre-re-re-design, but other elements have also been adjusted, with mixed to dysfunctional results.

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general comments on web design philosophy (return of the blog)

I like a human, or organic, or physical sense for a site, sometimes tending to skeuomorphism – erring on the side of familiar and user-friendly, especially with older and non-technologically inclined internet users in mind.

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“new since last visit” comment formatting

For now on, when you return to a comment thread, all comments that have been added since your last visit should be background-highlighted.

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I have no blogginghead, and I must scream

…unless you happen to be the proud parent or yearning lover of one of the two individuals in closed dialogue, the video element of the presentation will cease being interesting within seconds, under a constant implication that even the smallest amount of the most primitive editing or camera movement would radically relieve the visual tedium and quite possibly enhance the content…

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Really Stupid Web Design Error #1,041, Dept of Too Good to Be True At Least For Now

Didn’t realize, and really there’s no excuse for the unrealism involved, that in dragging images directly from desktop to WordPress editing screen, was not discovering some new trick for quick uploads. Would be a neat functionality if someone ever developed

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Relevanssi WP Search fixed; Twitter Digest Pointing to Larger Twitter API Questions

1. Relevanssi Search The latest update of Relevanssi, version 3.3.4, seems to have handled the problems mentioned in my “interim report” – so I am using it now on the blog, and searches will now include all comments as well

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Follow-up/interim report on Relevanssi WordPress search

Just to note, the disrupted formatting issue on Relevanssi search seems to have been solved, but the solution led to new complications and new open issues currently under discussion and unresolved with the developer. In short, there was an initial

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