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Ordinary Fonts (Updated)

These are all free fonts, mostly from Google Fonts (hardly the only foundry, but free and highly functional, and easy to use). I’ve also thrown in a few “web safe fonts” – fonts everyone has and a lot of people still use – so don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself liking the most generic font there is, the one you just got through saying you never wanted to see again.

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1 Space: Awesome. 2 Spaces: Awful – A Test for a Certain Mr. Nosis – UPDATED

Good 1-space people may wish to avert their eyes.

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How to Make a (Basic) Ground Lizard Chili (Blogs in the Social Media Epoch)

It’s OK to be a lizard in an age dominated by insects.

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Get Your Featured Images in Landscape Proportions

At OT, we want landscape-proportioned images generally, and especially for featured images, and exra-especially for Top-Featured Images. Note: NOT the Author’s fault – no one told him. Plus I should have taken care of this when I first noticed he’d used a small/square image. In fact, I thought I had taken care of this. (Not one thing: 1000 others.)

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Cats and Tags Living Together

General instructions and a status report on using post Categories and Tags at OT. If there’s a topic you think we need, you can add it yourself, or suggest it to the rest of us.

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For Those Not Divinely Inspired to Produce Perfect Prose Every Time or: How to Use the WordPress Revisions Tool

These instructions will be irrelevant to any of you who are taking, or who believe you are taking, dictation straight from an Angel of the Hidden One.

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Ordinary Times Is Currently A Left “Liberaltarian,” Mainly Cultural Site

Whether Ordinary Times is or should be a conservative political site in some serviceable sense of the term “conservative,” or for that matter in useful senses of the term “political,” might be an interesting question, but, before we go looking for an answer, we will need to clarify terms, and clear away some rhetorical and ideological brush.

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Coming Soon (I Think!): Author Bios

To be implemented as soon as this weekend…

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Comments Since Last Visit, Reloaded, Augmented, Installed, In Two Steps

Comments Since Last Visit Highlighting (Thread-Specific) – Preserve As-New Formatting for Limited Time – Show Number of New Comments – Go To New Comments – Scroll Through New Comments – Show New Comments Only – Sort Ascending/Descending – Mark All Read (Start New Session)

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Open Thread (Testing New New Comments New Since Last Visit Reloaded, Reloaded, Augmented)

Everything you know is wrong, and everything you like is evil and harmful. Did you see that thing? What a thing that thing is! America is pretty great. America is pretty bad. [ ] are pathetic, but you – you’re pretty darn terrific. Commenting on blogs is a complete waste of time. Everyone should support web developers financially to the very limit of ability to pay. RTod was right about something. This thing is/isn’t working.

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